Decathlon España

A compilation of Miguel Escuderos' work

During my time at Decathlon Spain, I have had the pleasure of collaborating through graphic design on several occasions: first as communications leader of Madrid center, a position in which I was the link between the communications and marketing department and the managers and directors of each of the stores in the center of the city, allowing to adapt advertising campaigns and commercial operations to detail the environment and situation of each store, always looking for the customer to feel more identified.

After this, and thanks to the good reception of my work in the heart of Madrid, the company saw in me a good candidate to modernize and update one of the major internal strategies for 2023: the redesign of the internal training tool.

My work in the human resources department ranged from the creation of the newsletters that are sent to all employees of the company in Spain to the design of templates for all training videos that could be consumed in the new training tool, through other small projects that would directly impact the company's employees internally.

This experience helped me to understand the internal structure of the company in more detail, as well as allowing me to contribute my vision of the project and help shape it through didactic, easy-to-consume and attractive content for employees.


Take a look at some of the posts I worked on for social media, both locally, for the store I worked at, and on a larger scale.


Summary video of the Sustainable Mobility Week 2021, during which, my work consisted of recording the different events, editing them and presenting them on social networks.

The following advertising campaign was proposed as a claim for after-sales service in the stores in the center of Madrid and was presented externally for a whole month.

Below are some of the advertising campaigns that were also displayed on the exterior of the stores:

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