Eclipse — Dogsa X Tecca

The project

Eclipse was born as a return to the origins of Dogsa, who after the release of her previous album, Latidos, realizes that it is something very different from what he did in his beginnings. Therefore, in this second album, it recovers its original essence, subtly returning to a darker, underground and competitive rap. Eclipse is born of darkness, and there is no greater darkness than that of an eclipse. The project arises from the need to tell more stories after the first release, and at the end of that same year, he begins to work with Tecca on the instrumental previews, instrument tests and new bases. It is composed of 10 songs and although it is mainly considered rap, it also works on some trap basis. With a theme of competition, heartbreak and social criticism among others, Dogsa seeks to leave a legacy with all of them, to transmit a message. This second album presents collaborations with other artists such as Sara Martínez Campoy (Samarca), Isa Torres, PSK or Monty.


Graphic design & art direction: Miguel "Cyph" Escuderos
Songwriting: Jose Eduardo "Dogsa" Valverde
Recorded and mixed: Raúl Parra, Parra Music Spain, Urbania Music
Photography direction: Jorge Torres, Impul
Music production: Tecca

Caratula disco Eclipse Dogsa Export
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